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Expert Level Cheap Flights
Saturday 26th September 2020

  Cheap Flight Deals, Short Haul and Long Haul Offers/Discounts

 Flight Ticket Deals
Flights really became cheap in the last 15-20 years as the low cost carriers moved into a market once dominated by an exclusive club. This has undoubtably been excellent for the average traveller, able to jet off at a moments notice to a myriad of destinations. Recently margins have been squeezed by combined forces of fuel cost and tax hikes, some of which must be passed onto the passenger. Discounts in the flight section tend to take the form of seat upgrades, on board luggage deals or in flight meal offers.
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Last update: Saturday 26th September 2020
Etihad: 5 special offers and 2 live voucher codes
5 2 156
Onthebeach: 4 special offers and 0 live voucher codes
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